Our Results Scorecard

Lumina Energonomics will design and implement changes, upgrades and reconfigurations to client premises, equipment and operations, with the goal of significantly reducing energy costs. The chart below summarises the results for each of the four clients who currently have an Energy Performance Contract with us:


TOTAL: For all clients with Energy Performance Contracts, Lumina Energonomics delivered a 33% reduction in kWh and €98,495 in savings over the last 12 months.

Nicosia Cold Store (44%)
Paphos Cold Store (32%)
Famagusta Cold Store (31%)
Larnaca Cold Store (27%)

Click on the client’s name to read a short case study describing the results in more detail.

For the 12 month period ending September 2011, the summary above shows the percentage of kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity saved for each client and the cumulative monetary value of all energy efficiency savings (including maximum demand savings) calculated directly from actual EAC bills relative to the reference period of 12 months just prior to the commencement of our contract. All calculations are made using the electricity prices and tariffs prevailing in August 2010.

Note: Since August 2010, EAC tariffs and unit costs for these clients have increased from an average €0.17 / kWh to €0.20 / kWh. This increase was partly due to rising fuel costs passed on by the EAC to consumers, and partly due to the EAC tariff increases in the aftermath of the July 11th disaster. As the value of a kilowatt hour rises, the actual savings of our clients are also proportionately higher than shown above in our report card.